A is for Achievement with A-1 Evaluation and Tutoring

"My purpose is to help you to achieve your academic potential. If I only address the difficulties you experience with your current textbook without identifying and treating the cause of that problem, it may persist."

HILDA COYNE, LEARNING SPECIALIST, sormer Services Provider for the Baltimore City Public Schools System, Division of the Office of Compensatory Awards, for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. She is Past Chair for Learning Disabilities with the Special Professional Interest Network of the National Association for Developmental Education. She is also a former guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University on "The Teaching of Reading and Spelling." She has helped hundreds of students to overcome learning problems and achieve accademic success.

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May 1992

OVERCOME LEARNING PROBLEMS - If you or your child has difficulty reading, comprehending written material or verbal instructions, remembering, writing legibly, understanding math facts or concepts, processing information, paying attention, completing assignments, passing tests, being organized or has poor classroom behavior, A-1 Evaluation and Tutoring offers a unique one to one service. Hilda Coyne, University Lecturer, Educational Diagnostician, Tutor, Educational Consultant and Specialist works with children and adults experiencing difficulties in academic development, study or social skills, and learning disabilities. Educational and related needs are identified and met. Evaluation and remediation is comprehensive and customized. The teaching style is matched to the individual's learning styles, Study, organization and test skills are developed. Parent participation is welcomed. SAT, GED, and GRE test preparation is available. For more information call (410) 644-8828.

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November 1998

Another group of students who do well with specialized tutors are those whose weakness in basic skills are compounded by other problems - dyslexia, learning disability, or perceptual deficits. Hilda Coyne, a Learning Specialist with A-1 Evaluation and Tutoring, says her approach to remediation is to "strengthen learning pathways" by using art, music, and other novel methods to present information. For example, a student may be having trouble because of a visual "difference" that makes it easier to see in three dimensions than two. To help such a student with math, Coyne might create a three-dimensional model of a math problem, then advance to writing the same problem in high-contrast colors, then in low-contrast gray pencil on white paper. The same applies in other subjects.


Mr. Richard Gatto
Former Principal Shrine of the Little Flower Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. Barry J. Fitzpatrick
Principal Mt. St. Joseph 's High School Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. Martha Roseman
Former Dean Department of Academic Advising The Johns Hopkins University

Please call Hilda Coyne, a Learning Specialist with over 20 years of experience, at 410-644-8828. She will be glad to answer your questions, and to help you to overcome your learning difficulties to achieve success.